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Bucks Win the Title!

Wow, what a series, I can honestly say I did not think the Bucks were going to pull it off. This is the second series in this playoff where they came back from down 2-0. Also, I just knew the Suns were due for a great fourth quarter after battling back and tying it up. But Giannis proved to much this game scoring a team high 50 points. I am pretty sure that is the most in a closeout game in NBA History. As you all probably already knew Giannis was Finals MVP. I feel that Kobe is looking up smiling after these last two finals runs. With Lebron and the lakers winning it last year and this year Giannis winning, after Kobe challenged Giannis two years ago after winning MVP of the league to win a title of his own. Giannis put on a show and him along with the Bucks deserve this coming back from 2-0. Although Booker and Paul had a good playoff run it was not enough as the Milwaukee Bucks win the NBA Finals. Congratulations to the Milwaukee Bucks on a historic season!

Giannis Antetokounmpo celebrates after receiving the Bill Russell trophy for Finals MVP. Photo: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images/AFP

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